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Securing Data in Motion

Cybersecurity professionals have long fought the battle of securing their environment from attackers, that seem to find a way in anyway.  A new technology which eliminates access to the valuable data, makes this technique a game changer for improving the organizations security.   IT Security recommends that we must our improve cybersecurity methodology. In doing so, cybersecurity must secure the Network, the Applications being used and the Data within the network.

Unlike encryption protocols, MicroToken Exchange makes defending of commands UNDEFEATABLE. Connected Devices / Controllers Remain, Unscathed, Unassailable and Secure.

This video explains the MircoToken Exchange technology involved in securing the Data and removing it from access to the Hackers.


If that Hackers cannot get to the Data, the BREACH is no longer an issue!  Think about how effective the security breach of Equifax would have been if the private data was not available to them.

This technology is a Game Changer for Cybersecurity.  Now instead of only focusing on the ability of Hackers to breach our networks, we can also choose what data they have access to directly.  It is our intent not to provide them with access to any of the private information, and this the Gold Standard for eliminating access, and maintaining security.

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