Security Hacking Stories

He's Making a list, he's checking it twice

Any familiarity with an organization you may know is intentional, however you will need to call out to your Friends (or employers) to get then to secure their network.


John Chambers says that there are two types of companies.


When the CEO of Cisco, John Chambers, announced in 2016 that there are two types of companies: those who have been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they have been hacked. His quotation appeared at first glance to make sense.  After all, it seems that most organizations don’t start a security program, until after the breach. 


Starting a security program after a breach is Late, and it is not very efficient either.  Once you have identified that there is already a breach, you then have the cost of fixing the breach, as well as any fines that are associated with the breach also.


Recent estimates are that the cost of a data breach is approximately $35,000.00 per data record.  If your company has 1,000 records stolen, that would make this a $350,000 fine, and that does NOT include the cost of fixing the problem either.


Outsourcing your security to China could be a big problem.There are the companies that complain about having enough time, because key person on the staff is busy.  Well, this is just asking for trouble!  Do you think that the Hackers really care if someone on the staff is busy?  Heck No!  They welcome it!


The problem is that we have seen organizations put off the recommended testing for years, thinking that no news is good news.  Wrong!  The real problem here is that the organization is avoiding (or not looking for) the problems, and in doing so, give the unwanted activities (from internal or external forces) a complete pass on their activities.  Remember the Genie?  She still doesn’t want to get back in the bottle once she is out of it!


Lastly there is a third type of organization.  One that expects to build up their security operations from internal personnel.  Most of these people are not only over worked, but also out matched in security experience.


What makes matters even worse, is that we have witnessed some of these organizations which were hacked, use the same methodologies which they had in the first place, with the same people they had before the breach, and then wonder why they were hacked again! 


Albert Einstein is often quoted as saying: 


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.”


It’s time to stop the hackers at their own games.  It’s time to keep your business in business, and it’s time to give your business the security that it needs to get ahead of the hackers, before they can identify your weaknesses, again. Let us perform the security assessment that will show you your weaknesses and get your environment better protection.


IT Security has countless years of experience in Security Assessments, Security Audits, Penetrations testing, Data Protection and Network Design.  Just because your organization is busy doing what you do to make a living, doesn’t mean that you are able to see the attacks, or counter them as they occur.


The time to assess your organization’s security is today, not after you have been hacked.  The best thing about calling IT Security is that we are cyber security experts, and require none of your time in in order to perform the assessment of your systems. 



IT Security is a HUBZone Certified, Service Disabled Veteran owned business (SDVOSB), expert security consulting company with more than 40 years of professional experience in protecting organization’s most valuable information. We have successfully protected clients ranging from small to Global businesses, financial institutions, federal agencies, and all five branches of the military.


We want to become your business partners in Cybersecurity.  We have the People, Processes and Solutions to keep your organization Secure, and your Data Protected.  This is easier than you think, and starting today can save your money and your business.


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